Reflections, Resolutions, and Celebrations

New Year’s is such a special time.  It’s a rare time when we look forward while looking back.  We ponder, we reflect, and we plan.  We regret, we hope, but mostly we take a good long hard look in the mirror and evaluate our lives.  Some years we treasure and don’t want to let go of and others we can’t wait to be over and onto hopefully bigger and better things.

I’m no different than anyone else.  This time of year gets me thinking.  My husband and I were married on New Year’s Eve 2005.  We picked that day for a few reasons, but mostly because neither one of us are very good at remembering what day it is.  It wasn’t until years later that I started to see the built in blessing of the day we choose.  While it’s easy to remember, it’s also easy to reflect on our journey so far.  I think that reflecting is a helpful tool for us to stay grateful, humble, and honest.  Anniversaries as well as New Years are a great reminder to check-in.

As I reflect on 2015 I see God working in my life.  I can sum it up in one word, clarity.  This past year God has revealed so much truth to me in so many areas in my life.  I have carried huge areas of unbelief, misconception, doubt, and fear for much of my life.  But by His Grace my eyes have been opened and He has been leading me to such a sweet place of contentment.  This hasn’t been the case the whole year, but as we put 2015 to rest I can see His hand at work preparing me through out the year.

Looking forward to 2016 I have one resolution that pretty much covers everything I want to do this year.  The one word for 2016 I want to define my life is obedience.  I want to obey God’s call in every area of my life this year!  If I do this I know it will be the most incredible year yet.  To quote someone much smarter than me, “Our job is obedience, God’s job is results.”

Here’s to the year in the rear view mirror, the one in the windshield, but mostly here’s to the Creator how holds each and every year for us all for all time.  Happy New Year!