When You Need a Win


IMG_0009You know those days when it seems that everything and everyone is out to get on your nerves.  Then there are those days when the people in your life really are trying to make you insane (I swear they really are):-)  I am currently in a very busy and exciting season of life.  I am homeschooling my two wonderfully independent children (kindergarten and 3rd grade), starting a new health and fitness journey and business, multiple Bible Studies going on each week, pursuing some ministry opportunities, writing and working part-time, oh and our house is on the market.  I’ve been really struggling to keep up and I’ve known for a while now that something would have to give.  Fortunately I was able to quit my part time job, but they haven’t found my replacement yet, but hopefully just a couple more weeks.

Yesterday was the day that it all seemed to come to a head.  My very independent-dare I say strong-willed children- had been feeling the strain of the pace we’ve been trying to keep.  Yesterday they had had enough.  Nothing went right.  I couldn’t get one to write a single word, the other had “forgotten” every sight word, and I was not the patient mother/ teacher that I want to be.  I was frazzled, frustrated, and furious by the end of the day.  They were in about the same shape.  I finally threw up my hands in defeat over the school work.  Going to my room I cried out to God for help.

Waiting for a business question to be answered I logged on to Facebook.  But instead of the answer I was looking for, I found an article titled ” How to Be the Mom Your Strong-Willed Child Needs.”  It was a Christian article with good Biblical advice.  But mostly it reminded me that God has entrusted me with these precious little and not-so little ones.  He knew that we would have days like yesterday and still He in His infinite wisdom picked me to be their mom.  That was a huge wake-up call for me.  My hubby and I set four serious hard and fast boundaries for the kids last night.   We made our expectations crystal clear.

And you know what happened today?  We had one of the best days we’ve had in a long time.  I made it a priority to get up early enough to spend quiet time in prayer and the Word.  Then I got my workout finished before they were up.  Filled up on God’s Word and sweaty I was able to greet my kids this morning with new confidence.  We made school a priority, knowing that we would get to the fun stuff(and house work) later.  Working diligently we all actually enjoyed school, the house still got cleanish, dinner was done at a reasonable time, and no one got yelled at.

I started this post earlier this evening, but was reminded by Wy-Guy that I told him we would play catch with his new football.  I was so happy to be able to tell him he was right and I could save this and finish it later.  I enjoyed 45 minutes tossing the ball around with him and Ms. Sis more than I can tell you.  It was amazing choosing to be in the moment and see his face shine when he caught the ball.  Yes I still have a lot going on.  And yes there are still many tasks that need to be accomplished.  But when I get my heart and priorities right, surrender to the One who made me, relying on His strength I can go about my work joyfully.  I praise God for days like yesterday because their lessons can lead us to days like today and I call that a win.

Playing sight word bingo together!


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