Lessons From the Crazy Train

PictureOur Spring Break this year has been extra special.  My two nieces have come to spend the week with us while my sister is working.  While it has been an amazing week and so much fun, it’s also been pretty crazy.  With the addition of the girls,  I now have 3 girls(ages 6,7,&9) and 1 boy(age 10) in my home.  Here’s a few of the things I’ve realized from doubling the number of children in my care this week.

  1. Love really does cover a multitude of sins- I love these kids with everything I’ve got.  Love has helped me to overlook what needs overlooked, deal with what needs dealt with, smooch who needs smooched, and really listen to who needs to be heard.
  2. Laughter really is the best medicine.  My hubby is the fun guy in our home.  He loves to chase and tackle/ tickle kids.  This might have to do with him being a big kid himself, but anyway.  The weather has been nasty until today so we’ve been cooped up inside, without TV or video games, so everyone’s been a little cranky.  That is until hubby started the tickle wars of 2017.  All four kids and three dogs screaming, laughing, barking, running through the house will cheer anyone up.
  3. House work is important, but it really can wait.  And if everyone pitches in(this is easier to accomplish with more kids I found) it’s really not so bad.
  4. If I’m really having a hard time getting along with someone I love, I need to double check that it’s not because we are so much alike.  My daughter and youngest niece bicker and fight like crazy and have for years.  This week though I realized they are struggling because they are so much alike.  After I explained that to them, they’ve done better with their power struggle.  They’re taking turns “being the boss” so to speak.
  5. When accidents happen, and they will, the lesson is how you respond.  This week we’ve had our share of mishaps.  My hope is that I’ve handled them with the grace that shows Jesus in me.  I can’t give something I don’t have and I’m am thankful for the grace that been given me that I can continue to give it away.
  6. Sometimes we all just need a break and that’s ok.  My son had had all the girls he could ever want the other day.  He took his dog and went for a walk alone saying, “Mom I just need some space.”  I get it and was impressed that he recognized his limits.
  7. Sometimes we just want our mom.  Both of my nieces have cried because they miss their mom.  I was a little surprised because they had been pushing her buttons and being mouthy for about a week before their visit.  Don’t miss that one mamas, they don’t always show us how much they love and need us, but they do!!
  8. God always provides what we need when we need it.  Our family got some really hard news this week.  It’s too much for the kids to handle so I’ve had to go on without letting on that I’m pretty upset.  But God has provided a perfect distraction as I process and pray through this.
  9. We all parent differently and that’s amazing.  The rules at my house are different than those at my sisters house, but the principles are the same.  We are all on an incredible journey to raise our children well.

I’m so thankful for this time with all these kids.  I love that we’ve been able to slow down and enjoy one another.  I’d better wrap this up because they’re hungry again!!  Enjoy Spring and stay safe