All Things Being Made New

20170922_141538.jpgFall is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, changing leaves, the work and satisfaction of putting up the harvest, picking rose hips, hunting, and the excitement of a new of homeschooling year. I love when I can start making stews and soups again and enjoying my Chai Tea without anyone thinking I’ve lost my mind. I’m not a big fan of Pumpkin Spice anything but get a kick out of some of the marketing. I love pulling on a hoodie and my Muck boots before I head out the door. Basically, to quote Mountain Boy, fall is “my thing.”
I love how the beauty of the changing leaves remind me of Jesus’ promise that He’s making all things new. On the homeschooling front, we really needed a fresh start this year, we needed to be made new. Last year was rough for our family. Work and financial situations put a huge strain on my time and our homeschool.
This is Mountain Boy’s last year of elementary and I knew going in we had one more shot to “do” this homeschool thing right. So, I hit my knees and prayed for guidance. And God has answered in some of the most amazing ways. He’s opened my eyes to areas where I really needed to improve my teaching and communicating skills. He’s shown me where my priorities have gotten out of whack and provided ways to get them back on track. This year I’m not working during the week, except for my early morning newspaper route, which has helped immensely with our school. The kids see how committed I am to doing this year well. He’s also given my kids a renewed desire to learn along with a whole new level of maturity (I mean Mountain Boy has written not one, but two poems in the last week, one wasn’t even an assignment!!)😊 As for Mountain Girl, she’s working very hard on her sight words and her math skills are taking off!!

We’ve thrown the stuff that hasn’t worked for us out the window and replaced it with what will work for us. Which brings me back to my love of all things fall. In the past we tried to do a traditional five-day school week, but it hasn’t worked for us at all. The main reason it didn’t work is, we are not sit in the house people. We are get outside and get dirty people. We love to be in the woods. This year we’ve implemented a “Funday Friday!” Basically, we take some sort of field trip every Friday. We must get our work done before Friday and then we get outside in God’s Creation and learn what we can only learn there! Today we went fishing to celebrate the first day of Fall. The score is fish- 1 us -0, but it was still an incredible day! I watched as they each bated their own hooks. I showed them how to cast even when the wind is blowing hard at you. We ate PB&J’s and talked about life. We got rained on, snowed on, and hailed on, but didn’t let it run us out!! We took some amazing pictures of the changing leaves and gorgeous mountains we’ve been blessed to call home. We saw some archery hunters and left a note for Papa at his base camp.
We had a perfect day; we learned, we grew, and most importantly we loved well today. Will tomorrow or next week be as perfect? Probably not, but it has the potential to be amazing all the same because all things are being made new!!